It started in the year 2006. Was joined by five families. Being supported by mentor pastor and prayers and encouragement.  Currently the church membership is 30 members. This is through evangelism , home visitation, personal work prayers from my family and friends including other pastors. There  was a set back in the year 2007 due to the post election violence which resulted to competition for the little resources available like land, business and leadership. Brocken relationships , disunity among people, depression, trauma, hostility, mistrust ,street children  increased , there was fear this led to people living in difficult lives


The ministry had to set up an academy nursery school in the year 2008 to train distute children to feed them, started a volunteer counseling and teaching the members the effects of clashes and its outcome.

Aims and Vsion

·         To preach the gospel with signs following to every living creature

·         Establish self supporting, self governing, self propagating ministry which believes obeys and propagates the full gospel message.

·         To provide sound Christian teaching for all members and adherents.

·         To operate institutions and departments as well as schools colleges,clinics and orphanage homes for less fortune children and orphans



·         To acquire ownership and or use such properties either freehold household within and outside Kenya in the manner to end as shall promote and further the accomplishment of aims and objectives of the ministry. P.E.M

·         In the ministry we are preachers and the church board of leader, the elders who ran the church’s daily affairs. Pastor, assistant pastor, secretary to the ministry deacon and youth leader.

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